Skol UNO Disposable Pod Device Bundle of 2 Packs (Total of 6 Disposable Pods)

$46.95 $30.75

Skol Disposable Pod Device 2 Packs (Total of 6 Disposable Pods)

Why buy only one pack at a time, if you can get 2 Packs at a better price?

The SKOL is taking vaping salt based nicotine to a whole new level. It is filled with SaltNic e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt based nicotine that provides better nicotine blood absorption, and therefore delivers faster satisfaction for a longer period of time. it is known that SKOL is outstandingly smooth, tasteful and provides supremely satisfying throat hits. In other words, you will enjoy vaping the SKOL very much. In addition to that, the SKOL is very convenient to carry. For instance, it can fit in your pocket, purse and even wallet. it features about 270 puffs and includes 3 SKOL disposable units per pack.


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